Five Devices We Love Buying Part II

We live, eat and breathe pre-owned aesthetics devices here at MedEx Trade headquarters.

Back in December, the team sat down to decide on our purchasing budget for 2021 and we have upped the ante from last year. We have allocated $2.1M for buying this year and we’re ready to go.

So, what do you have in mind?

Perhaps you would like to sell your old inventory for new? Perhaps you have a device you don’t use? Whatever your reasons — we pay cash for pre-owned aesthetic devices.

Here are five devices we love to buy part II:

  1. Inmode Optimas
  2. Candela Mini GentleLase
  3. BTL Vanquish
  4. BTL Emsculpt
  5. Lumenis M22

Additional questions? Please call us at 310-878-2090 or send an email:

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