Five Devices We Love Buying

Our 2021 purchasing budget is active and we pay cash for pre-owned aesthetic device purchases and by the way, we’ve allocated $2.1M in 2021 for pre-owned aesthetic device purchases.

Of all the devices in the world — we must admit that the we like some a little bit more than the others. Do you have an older model of technology that you’re wanting to upgrade? Reach out to us and let’s make a deal — there’s a good chance that we have the newer model you’re looking for.

Perhaps you have one of our favorite devices, consumables and supplies?

Here are a few we love to buy.

  1. Inmode BodyTite
  2. Candela GentleLase Pro
  3. Solta Clear + Brilliant
  4. Inmode Handpieces
  5. Fotona 4D

Additional questions? Please call us at 310-878-2090 or send an email:

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